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We humbly request that you remind your children that participation in Homeschool Baseball requires a kind and helpful spirit, good sportsmanship, and modest dress (no short shorts or bare midriffs). Thank you for your cooperation with these requests.


All fields will play baseball except for the 3-5-year-old t-ball team and any all-girl teams and the older co-ed team, which will play softball. If you have a 3-5 year old playing t-ball, please note that you will need to stay at the t-ball field with your child.

Field placements will be sent via email. If you don’t have email, stop by the picnic table at field 2 when you arrive the first day to see which fields will be hosting your children’s age groups. As you register, we will assign your child to a field based on age. If your child needs to be on an older or younger team based on his size or physical ability, please make a note on your registration form. We make every effort to accommodate all special requests, but we cannot guarantee to do so and appreciate your understanding of our limitations.
The registration fee for each season is $15 per player with a maximum registration fee of $55 per family. This fee covers liability insurance (which has increased, equipment needs, an end-of-season party, and team photos). Price has increased a bit to help cover the cost of insurance that has increased. Homeschool Baseball hats and t-shirts (optional) are available for $5 per item (not included in registration fee or family maximum).
Click here to register online.

Click here for a mail-in registration form.

To register, please mail in your registration form or complete online, payment, and signed Statement of Agreement. We need to receive all registrations by March 30, 2015 for the spring season. On applications after those dates, a $3 late fee PER CHILD will be imposed above and beyond family maximum, and a $5 late fee on the starting day. Please tell your friends NOW (not the week before we start playing!) and get your own forms in as soon as possible to avoid the extra fee. We have grown so tremendously that we will be cutting off registration at about 24 children per field. We did have to turn some children away last season, so be sure to register promptly and reserve your child a place on a team.

After you have registered, we will NOT contact you again before the first game day unless you provide us with your email address, in which case you will be notified on which field your child will play.


The season will begin on April 7 and end on May 26 played every Tuesday, weather permitting, from 12:00-2:00 for most teams (a little less for the younger teams). In the event a game must be canceled, all families will be notified by email by 10:00am. If there is no email message by 10:00, assume that we are playing.

COACH/ASSISTANT COACH (male or female)

1. Be present at all games or make arrangements for a substitution.
2. Pick up all equipment on first game. Be responsible for taking care of it and bringing it to the games throughout the season.
3. Make team divisions at first game and determine the line-up for your team.
4. Require respectful, sportsman-like behavior from and between players.
5. Pray with your team before or after games as you see fit.


1. If coach needs you, help with the line-up and guiding children to their places and turns on the field.
2. Be available in case of accidents in order to locate parents and keep provided first-aid kit.
3. Require respectful, sportsman-like behavior from and between players on the field as well as in the dugout. Avert horseplay among younger players, including but not limited to: kicking sand, climbing on fences, pushing, shoving, etc.
4. Help clean up after games.


1. If you have first aid experience, be available during games in the event of an emergency. Basic first aid kit will be supplied and kept by each team mom.


1. One photographer responsible for taking, developing, and delivering pictures on all 8 fields. (Expenses covered by baseball fund.)


1. Organize and put the correct sized balls, helmets, bats, etc. into the equipment bags and bring them to the park the first day. If possible, store equipment between seasons.

*T-SHIRT COORDINATOR (only two people)

1. Order shirts
2. Pick them up at the printer
3. Bring them to distribute at the first several games. (A container is provided)

*LOST AND FOUND (one person)

1. Bring the lost and found box to the park every week and take it home with you after the last team finishes. At the end of the season turn over the box to Nancy so contents may be donated to charity.


1. Make announcements before play every week beside field 2.
2. Bring the American flag every week and use it in leading all players in the pledge of allegiance.
3. Lead all players in a prayer before going to the fields or recruit a volunteer to do so.


1. Several volunteers work together to purchase paper goods, drinks, and pizza for lunch on the last game day of the season. Clean up after the party. You will be reimbursed on the last day, or you may receive funds previous to buying the supplies. Will only accept first 3 to volunteer.

1. Purchase gift cards for coaches and distribute them on the last game day. (Expenses covered by baseball fund.) Will only accept first 2 to volunteer.

* These jobs are great roles for moms of young children who are unable to serve as coaches or team moms.


As an all-volunteer league, we are dependent on ALL parents to volunteer for some position, especially as coaches and assistant coaches. Consider asking available grandparents, older siblings, or family friends if they would like to help out with these positions. Please prayerfully read over the responsibilities and see if you can offer your assistance. Coaches may deduct one child’s registration fee, but NOT the shirt/hat fee. If you volunteer to coach on your registration form, you may assume that you are needed whether or not you have been contacted. Please come prepared to coach and we will have equipment for you.

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